George J Hatch, RRPr
Registered Reflexology Practitioner
To make an appointment
call (519) 645-7070
Or come to our office @
123 Briscoe St. E.
London, ON
(Old South)
Community Karate LTD.
C.O.B as Community Health, Fitness & Financial Advice
Holt School of Natural
Past Chair of the RRCO
Reflexology Registration Council of Ontario
Registration #09-029
Usana Health Sciences

Our hope is to answer all your questions, if you do not see your question here please call 519-645-7070 or e-mail me by filling out form on Contact Page.

Q 1. What can I expect for my first treatment and assessment?

A 1. During the first treatment we do an evaluation of the reflex points on your feet. These reflex points are charted on a foot chart and discuss with you. A treatment plan is then discussed.

Q 2. Who can have Reflexology treatments?

A 2. There is no age limit.

Q 3. Is Reflexology ok for pregnant woman?

A 3. Yes Reflexology is ok for pregnant woman.

Q 4. Do I have to go to your office to have reflexology treatments?

A 4. Yes you must come to our office.