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Achilles Tendinitis

"I am so thankful to you, George, for what you have been able to do to heal my Achilles Tendinitis. I had been plagued with the pain for over a year, having tried many different therapies and therapists. With your reflexology treatments, I felt a gradual improvement and I am now able to enjoy most physical activities pain-free. I appreciate your patience, knowledge, and sincere dedication to the reflexology profession. Although the tendinitis seems to be healed, I will continue to book regular treatments with you to maintain my health. I have come to believe that the feet are the "windows to the body and soul"!"

Thank you, again! Tammy London on Teacher

Chronic stiffness in neck

Hi George!

" While attending the London Multiples Sale with my daughter in the spring of 2011, I entered a draw and won a reflexology treatment from George Hatch. I went for that appointment mostly out of curiosity. However, once I met with George I knew he had a real passion for his work and that he was concerned about the health of his clients. For over thirty years I had been having a chronic problem with stiffness in my neck and I had been going for monthly chiropractic treatments which were not helping me; I figured I had nothing to lose by trying reflexology. After beginning monthly reflexology treatments I realized, several months later, that I no longer woke up every morning with a headache. What a gift that has been! George has also given me ideas of things I can do at home to help myself between treatments but I always look forward to my totally relaxing monthly treatment."

Karen, London ON.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Hi George!

" I really didn’t think reflexology could help especially after the doctors told me there was nothing they could do for me, at my age (79) and there was too much damage done to my wrists. I really appreciate how much better my wrist and arm feels from my carpal tunnel syndrome. Also with the reflexology treatments I have found that I’m able to sleep better and without my sleeping pills. I have stopped my pain medication and no longer use my hand and arm brace."

Your friendly personality and willingness to give tips and ideas with my healing is also very much appreciated. Thanks for a better quality of life.

Betty London ON.


Hi George!

"I decided to try reflexology when George suggested that it might help with my headaches/migraines.Though I wasn't sure what to expect, I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome.After only a couple of treatments, the frequency and severity of my headaches had diminished.Now, I am virtually symptom-free. I am very grateful for George's intuitive touch and attentive approach.Luckily for me, my husband insists that I have regular treatments because I find reflexology so relaxing." I'll see you on Wednesday!



Being skeptical I wasn't sure what to expect. But during my treatments, as energy lines were being worked I could feel the blockage being cleared. Glad I didn't let skepticism stand in the way of feeling better.

Thanks George


At 79 years of age I had open heart surgery. I had three valves repaired and one replaced and about 8" of my Aorta replaced. I was very weak and found it very hard to get around. Thanks to Reflexology and George's advice I have recovered much faster then with out it. Last year at 80 I had to go for an eye exam for my divers licence. The eye doctor said that I just past my eye exam and next year I probably wouldn't be able to drive. In April of this year I had to go for my eye exam again and the doctor was surprised that my eyes got better. Thanks for all your help George.



Learning the benefits of reflexology has been a real family affair for us. When George Hatch first invited me to undergo reflexology treatments, as part of his practical case study work, I had no idea it would also help my parents during an extremely challenging period. At the time, we were living with significant stress, as my sweet Mom of 87 was in final stages of Alzheimer's Disease and my dear Dad was trying to be tough, while anticipating her departure. When George became aware of the situation, he kindly offered to do weekly treatments on my Mom's feet, as a comfort during her last few months. And amazingly, Mom - who suffered bunions and other problems with her feet for years - responded favourably to the reflexology, even though she couldn't articulate her experience. In the end, she simply enjoyed the pampering until her peaceful death. Observing this, my Dad asked George if reflexology might help his painful varicose veins, and the answer was yes. So, Dad also became a practical case study, as George completed his final work toward certification. Today, my Dad and I are George's clients enjoying stress and pain relief through reflexology."

Maureen London, ON


Dear Mr. George Hatch

I am constantly impressed by the evident connection between the different parts of the body, and their ability to respond to various reflexes. I am personally grateful for undergoing a series of reflexology treatments. As good as it felt every single time I didn't expect any specific results beyond relaxation. To my surprise my menstrual cycles have became regular again and have since stayed that way. I have not used any medicine or made any major changes in my lifestyle and can only contribute the positive change in my health to my reflexology treatments! Thank you.

Ania P. London, ON